Monday, October 15, 2012

Doodle/Automatic Writing: Son of Chamber Symphony

doodle__son_of_chamber_symphony Listening to John Adams' Son of Chamber Symphony this afternoon, scribbling away in an automatic writing sort of way. Boustrophedonically.

My word of the day which I hadn't come across before until this morning. I was searching Wikipedia for information about house numbering systems - and when house numbering first started. Most streets in Europe are numbered evens on one side of the street and odds on the other. Boustrophedonic is a rarer and older numbering system going up one side of the street and back down on the opposite side.

It comes from the Greek, meaning "ox turning" or how an ox would plough a field - first one way and then the other. The word is more often applied to ancient writing on tablets of stone.

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