Friday, March 4, 2011

Amsterdam sketches: September 1997

inconsiderate hairstyle
Inconsiderate hairstyle.

concert interval
Concert interval.

Gollem Bar
Sketch of customer in Gollem Bar, Amsterdam. Plus note of beers sampled.

Pauwel Kwak Tap
Crazy traditional design of glass for Pauwel Kwak Tap, which needs a wooden brace to keep it upright.

silver hair
Another customer in Gollem Bar, Amsterdam.

Memphis Guy's Heineken Habit
Sketch of guy from Memphis. Sitting at beer table during the Heineken brewery tour. Stereotypical American: loud, opinionated, egotistic. Why did nobody tell him?

zuiderzee museum restaurant
People in the Zuiderzee Museum Restaurant, Enkhuizen, Netherlands.

Brillenmuseum sketch
Brillen - Nederlands word for spectacles.
The museum's window featured these strange sculptural display stands.

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